3D Printing and prototyping


Designing of 3D printable parts. Printing prototypes and customised products.

3D printing is becoming increasingly popular. Especially FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) because a lot of affordable printers are on the market today. However, you need a 3D (CAD) design in order to print something. Similar to conventional methods like turning, milling, sheet metal and molding, you have to understand what the limitations of the machines and materials are. Ask yourself the question if the final design will be printed or if 3D printing is used to test the form, fit and functionality.

There are less limitations with 3D printing regarding the shape compared to the conventional methods and this means that you can draw rather freely and come up with complex sculptures. On the other hand, if you eventually need the parts to be machined because of the strength, accuracy, temperature, size, costs etc., you need to design with the machining methods in mind.

I have experience with the conventional machining methods and 3D printing. I know what the limitations are and maybe even more important: what the capabilities are. You can contact me if you want advice or need a design which suits your needs.

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